In the spirit of St. Michael, we seek to vanquish the modern day dragons of poverty, disease and intolerance.

Kitchen Cleanup

If you are a member of the Brunch crew or use the kitchen for a standing committee, please take note.  A guidebook to maintaining our active kitchen has been created and is located above the ground coffee station/near the first aid kid.  Beneficial information like opening the kitchen/closing down the kitchen/dishwasher instructions/etc can be found.  It’s an evergreen document and will be updated by the Vestry every six months as needed.   Additionally, a “needs” checklist has been placed on the broom closet door for St. Michael’s brunch needs.   An organizing committee is being formed to place labels where dishes, pots, pans, etc need to go for ease in returning to their rightful place.   Based on the number of volunteers, we anticipate this being a 2-4 hour project.    If you are interested in being part of this committee, please contact Colleen Considine by June 15th.