In the spirit of St. Michael, we seek to vanquish the modern day dragons of poverty, disease and intolerance.


Thanks to everyone who helped with the deep clean of the kitchen at St. Michael’s this morning.  Debbie and Michael from Old River Specialties did great work Thursday afternoon and gave us a good head start.  Then, when I came in Saturday morning, Zoltan was already hard at work and continued to help us get a lot done.  Also working hard Saturday morning were David Maddox, Joe Justus, and Harold Hedges. Now we just have to keep things clean and organized, so please help us with that as we continue to use the kitchen. As always, if you have other suggestions or encounter problems or concerns, let me know and we’ll figure something out.

Now, here is something else that all folks at St. Michaels can help with:  we need to clean out the storage closet across the hall from the kitchen of all unnecessary stuff. I need your feedback asap if there are things stored in the closet that need to stay there.  And if you know of some things on those shelves or in the closet that don’t need to be kept in the closet, let me know or put them in the red plastic container I left on the floor. I’ll then either store them elsewhere (probably down underneath the building), recycle them or trash them, depending on what needs to happen with them.  We have plans to organize and clean out the shelves and other stuff in the closet but we don’t want to toss anything that needs to stay there, so please send me your feedback.
-Glen White